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One of the biggest issues regarding bicycle hire in Ireland is getting a quality bike when you need one.

BikeHire24 is an initiative utilising the World Class Brompton.

  • Quality Bicycle

  • Quality door to door service

  • Simple system

  • quality ride

  • versitile

  • cool

  • win win

Bike Hire Ireland
Bike Hire 24 is a simple way to get a World class bicycle delivered to your door.

Your location is no problem, simply order your bike & it will be delivered in a travel box.
Deliver to your:

Hotel, B&B, Home, Office

Take out your World class Brompton bike, fold it out using the online tutorial youtube clip or the instructions on the box & enjoy.


Fold it, place it back in the box, call the number on the box & return.

Simple Quality
Bike Hire In Ireland


Book a fleet of Brompton bicycles for use in your company with:

  • No servicing costs or issues

  • No bike sheds needed

  • Experience the best folding bike in the World

  • Encourage your staff to save costs on transport across town

  • Take your bike on the train

It's all good news & 100% hassle free

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